Easy Travel Manager - Widgets

Widget is tool created for affiliate marketing network.

Joining our tourist network will make your offers available to web marketers who will promote them on their own web sites and charge you upon realization.

There are multiple advantages of this type of promotion, our widget system provides online booking, direct reservations through widget made by the client. Marketers are paid in advance the agreed percentage per travel arrangement.

Why pay for inefficient banners, they are paid in advance, there is no feed back on the number of views neither the information how much the specific banner contributed to the sale of a specific travel package. Widgets provide same service as banners and much more.

Widgets are based on Kohana's RESTfull API and easyXDM.

They are very user friendly.

Widgets can be easily created/edited.

Widget create/edit page

Web administrators can easily adjust them to fit to their web page. Width, height, position, layout, colors, fonts,... everything can be easily set in just few clicks.

Widget - Table row/cell background styles

There are few basic widget types:

  • Hotel
  • Dashboard
  • Hotel with prices per day
  • Search
  • Compact search
  • Search results

Every widget type has a different preview of dates, date formats, prices, capacities, forms,... and web administrators can easily adjust every widget to their project business logic.

For example "Prices" menu item allow us to adjust how prices, currencies,payment types, ... will be presented.

Widget - Prices

In submenu Date/Column we can select what kind of an offer (arrangements) will be shown (5 days, 10 days, 15 days,...), we can show or hide dates, we can choose date separator, month appearance, column “type” and “date” width,...

Widget - Dates/Columns

We can always preview our changes or undo/redo them by clicking on the buttons under “Widget preview” menu.

Widget - Undo/Redo

Under “Layouts” list box we can select widget preview type. Under Widget Styles (Stilovi dodatka) we can configure Cascading Style Sheets for our widget with live preview.

Widget - Table row/cell background styles

If we are completely satisfied with our widget we need to save it. In order to embed the widget to a site we need to generate js code by clicking on the “gear wheel” icon.

Widget - Code dialog

Every widget has a chart with details about number of previews, number of submits from widget and number of successfully created contracts from widget submits.

Widget - Analytic page

Example of widget in use:

Widget - in action
Widget example 1
Widget example 2

You can find more about benefits you can get from widgets on the EasyTravelManager site: http://www.easytravelmanager.com/en/features/web-marketers/, http://www.easytravelmanager.com/en/pregled-mogucnosti/affiliate-marketing-network/ , http://www.easytravelmanager.com/en/pregled-mogucnosti/increased-sale/